Online SUMO training in August

July 19, 2024

Dynamita will be holding an online training course in August. Familiarize yourself with SUMO and learn about full plant model calibration with Tanush. This general introductory training is open to anyone who can be awake and alert at 8am EST! See the flyer for all the details.

To register, please email tanush@dynamita.com.

The World Tour continues...

July 16, 2024

Don't miss out on the remainder of our 2024 World Tour! We are happy to announce that we will participate in an additional conference on the South American continent - the 6th International Conference for Water Safety in Montevideo, Uruguay, 4-6 September 2024.

SUMO training - put your name on the list!

July 2, 2024

Are you interested in a SUMO training session? If you would like to be notified about an in-person/online training course in the future, please fill out our Training waiting list form.

Dynamita at the Singapore International Water Week

June 19, 2024

The Singapore International Water Week has started. We look forward to meeting you in person at the Water Expo, 19-21 June, at booth B2-C29.

Dynamita team reunites in Sigale

June 11, 2024

The Dynamita team reunited in Sigale in May. There was team building, delicious food, a party for Sandrine and some work done as well! We are looking forward to the second half of 2024 - there are some great conferences still to come, and the one you've all been waiting for - the release of Sumo 24 (we will let you know when that is, don't worry)!

It's time to say goodbye...

June 3, 2024

It's time to say goodbye... to Sandrine, who has retired. The team are really going to miss Sandrine, who has been with Dynamita officially since 2016, and unofficially - much longer! She's been Imre's right-hand gal, in work and life. Sandrine would say that she is going to miss you, our clients, the most, and she wishes you all the best for the future. So when you see her in Singapore for the Singapore International Water Week, please don't ask her for a quote (you can do that by emailing info@dynamita.com)!

ASTEE - 10-13 June 2024 - see Hélène in action!

May 29, 2024

Imre n'a pas encore défait sa valise qu'Hélène prépare déjà son voyage pour la prochaine conférence de Dynamita - l'ASTEE, du 10 au 13 juin à Quimper, France. Hélène donnera une formation mercredi matin et un Sumo Open House / discussion mercredi soir. À très bientôt !

Imre hasn't unpacked his suitcase yet, but Hélène is already preparing her trip to Dynamita's next conference - ASTEE, from 10 to 13 June in Quimper, France. Hélène will lead a training session on Wednesday morning and a Sumo Open House / discussion time on Wednesday evening. See you there!


Sumo training - Modeling in Practice

April 8, 2024

Recently our colleagues Tanush Wadhawan and Daniel Bencsik held a training session about Modeling in Practice - fundamentals and design applications for a group of enthusiastic attendees! Many thanks to the WEX Center, University of California Irvine, for hosting the training. More photos on the WEX Center website.

If you would like to be notified about an in-person/online training course in the future, please email us.


Sumo goes around the World

February 14, 2024

This year we will be happy to meet you at various conferences and trade shows around the globe! Check out the list below and check in to the event which is the most convenient for you:

  • IWA Water Resource Recovery Modelling (6–10 April) – University of Notre Dame, USA
  • OZwater (30 April – 2 May) – Melbourne, Australia
  • IFAT (13–17 May) – Munich, Germany
  • Innovations in Treatment Technology (21–24 May) – Virginia Beach, USA
  • Congrès de l'Astee (10–13 June) – Quimper, France
  • Singapore International Water Week (18–22 June) - Singapore
  • IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (11–15 August) – Toronto, Canada
  • IWA Large Wastewater Treatment Plants (8–12 September) - Budapest, Hungary
  • WEFTEC (5–9 October) – New Orleans, USA

Sumo can be rented and run from the Cloud

January 30, 2024


Dynamita is happy to introduce a new service to help clients who would typically use Sumo intermittently, while an annual subscription is beyond their budget. From now on, premiering in the market, it is possible to rent Sumo on a weekly basis, as a cloud-based software: Sumo for Rent.

This new service is not only flexible in terms of subscription length, but also offers platform-independence: you can run Sumo on any device that has a browser and Internet connection (even your cell phone). No need for software installation and license activation: just sign up, receive a password and you're ready to go! For further details about Sumo for Rent, please check out the Products page.

Dynamita welcomes Katie in the Team!

January 18, 2024

2024 is off to a great start for Dynamita! We are pleased to welcome new energies in the team, with the arrival of Katie Lancelot. Katie will be in charge of our administrative service, and you may be in contact with her for licences requests, quotes and invoices. Katie comes from New Zealand, but couldn't resist the charm of France, where she lives now.

Sumo training in California

January 08, 2024

Heads-up in the Golden State, a three-day Sumo training course is coming up in the Spring! This will also be the first in-person training in a long time, which some of you (and us!) might prefer to online trainings, so take the chance and sign up... 😊 Please check out the training flyer for the exact schedule and registration emails.

Happy Holidays!

Dec 18, 2023

On behalf of the whole Dynamita Team, our Sumo mascot wishes you a joyful ending of this year. We'll be reconnecting in 2024, preparing a new release with yummy new functionalities.

Befriended in Bilbao

Nov 23, 2023

Dynamita's Digital Twin was not missing from IWA's Digital Water Forum 2023, held in Bilbao, Spain. It was a huge success and big fun to participate as it is obvious from Imre's face 😊

Sumo supports the California water sector

Oct 27, 2023

Happen to be near Sacramento in mid-November? Join a fun plant tour (followed by an equally fun happy hour) organized by the California Water Environment Association, co-sponsored by Dynamita! Register here to participate.


Sep 21, 2023

WEFTEC is around the corner - Dynamita will be represented in person by our excellent colleagues Hélène Hauduc and Dwight Houweling.

You can meet them at the Game-Based Modeling Workhop as well as the Technical Sessions (Chemical Phosphorus Removal, and Using Modeling to Improve Industrial Wastewater Treatment in particular) and generally, anywhere at the conference venue. See you soon!

Sumo 22 Summer training

June 12, 2023

Dynamita is going to offer a flexible online training course on Sumo22 that you can customize to your needs. The timeline and the topics are provided in the table below. Pick any of the days you are interested in and sign up using the respective registration links in the table.

Participation costs 200 EUR or USD for each day.

Date Registration link Time
10:00 am - 12:00 pm (EDT) 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (EDT)
27th June Register - day 1 (200 EUR|USD) Sumo22 overview - Setting up liquid train Sumo22 overview - Setting up full plant for steady state and dynamic simulation
29th June Register - day 2 (200 EUR|USD) Wastewater characterization - data collection, reconciliation, and fractionation BOD, nitrification, denitrification
6th July Register - day 3 (200 EUR|USD) Biological Phosphorus removal - model, application, and constraints Chemical P - Iron, Alum, Calcium
11th July Register - day 4 (200 EUR|USD) Aeration modeling - Diffuser versus mechanical, using aeration tool, alpha modeling Clarifier modeling
13th July Register - day 5 (200 EUR|USD) Controllers introduction, setup, and application Solids treatment - Fermenter, Conventional versus Advanced digestion (Thermal hydrolysis), Post aerobic digestion - biokinetics, chemical, and gas transfer - P recovery
18th July Register - day 6 (200 EUR|USD) SBR modeling Biofilm modeling - fundamentals and advanced setup
20th July Register - day 7 (200 EUR|USD) Modeling aerobic facultative lagoon (predict sludge buildup and dredging) Sidestream treatment - deammonification
25th July Register - day 8 (200 EUR|USD) Complete energy and cost calculation - upgrade evaluation, self sufficiency - Pump and blower curve examples, sizing a blower Sumo4N, Carbon footprint and GHG estimation modeling
27th July Register - day 9 (200 EUR|USD) Introduction to Sumoslang - Biokinetic model, Plantwide, Process units
1st August Register - day 10 (200 EUR|USD) Digital twin - c-API, Python script, analysis, optimization, distributed and cloud runs
3rd August Register - day 11 (200 EUR|USD) Integrated urban watershed modeling

Welcome Sabrina, our new colleague at Dynamita!

June 5, 2023

The group photo from our latest meeting revealed a new friendly face in the team, and that's not without a reason. Let us introduce you Sabrina Wang, holding a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the National University of Singapore. She has earned valuable experience in the water/wastewater industry from China, Singapore and Canada. Currently she is based in the UK, from where she is joining our growing engineering team. She will be dedicated to software innovations, applications, and outstanding support to our clients.

Team gathers in France, releasing Sumo 22.1

May 02, 2023

Dynamita folks reunited in SW France during the last week of April. It was great to meet each other again and greet our soon-to-be colleague, Sabrina (announcement to come later). Lots of fun, great food, some kayaking on the Lake of Arjuzanx, a lovely stroll in Bordeaux and crawling atop the great sand dune of Pilat made sure we don't get stranded behind our computers, still we made good progress work-wise as well.

As a result of that, Sumo 22.1 became available for download. For details about the changes in this release, please check out the What’s new in Sumo 22.1 document. This install will replace your existing 22.0 but can coexist with earlier versions (21, 19).

Sumo in Africa

February 04, 2023

After the first ever and best ever WRRmod conference in Africa in Cape Town, and recognizing the challenges African universities and startups face, Dynamita is pleased to announce the following support package:

To any university accredited and located in Africa - we are pleased to provide free unlimited perpetual licenses for the Sumo process simulation package including Digital Twin capabilities.

Any one- or two-person startup from Africa can claim a one year license of Sumo free of charge in their first year of operation.

This program will stand (at least) for the next ten years, until 2033.

Our hope is that this will result in cleaner environment and less bottled water in Africa. Free and Open source!

Dynamita at WRRmod2022+

January 17, 2023

WRRmod2022+ is soon to start in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We are proud platinum sponsors of this event and wish all participants to enjoy and benefit from the interesting programme. Dynamita is going to be represented in person by Daniel, Dwight and Imre - feel free to have a chat with us at the conference venue.

Greetings from Dynamita team

December 13, 2022

As 2022 is slowly coming to an end, the Sumo mascot gets cheeky forming snow angels, while the Dynamita Team is preparing to take a refreshing break as well, wishing you Happy Holidays and a delightful 2023.

Stay tuned, we are about to come back with exciting new developments early next year!

Sumo 22 released

October 1st, 2022

We have great news for those who have been eagerly anticipating the release of Sumo 22! Several months of ambitious development by the entire Dynamita Team brought a range of exciting new features to the package (for details, please check out the What’s new in Sumo 22 document). Now it’s your turn: download , install and experience the latest advancements in wastewater process modeling!

And last but not least, let us also invite you to the new Dynamita Sumo Wiki , the home of the complete and continuously updated documentation about Sumo.

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